Tyre Liner Fabric

Tyre Liner Fabrics

The Tyre Liner Fabric has nice performance of insulation. It can prevent the blooming of rubber and maintain freshness of the rubber surface to facilitate the adhesion of rubber and improvement of quality. We can supply Polyamide Mono-filament Liner, Bonded Liner Fabric, PP Mixed Cotton Liner Fabric ,Newly-developed Liner Fabric,PVA Liner Fabric and High Tenacity PP Liner Fabric.

1.Polyamide Mono-filament Liner

This product consists of high tenacity PP multi-filament and polyamide mono-filament with high-heat formation treatment. Its advantages are smooth surface,high tenacity,good stiff,long ageing and excellent insulation.
2.Bonded Liner Fabric
This product is made by two-layer polyester,two-layer high-density imported sponge,PP mono-filament and five-layer four time flame. Its complicated technology can cushion the deformation of the tire surface. It is specialized in the tire sidewall.

3.PP Mixed Cotton Liner Fabric
This product consists of high-tenacity polypropylene muti-filament and natural cotton yarn,with the advantage of high elasticity,good hygroscopic performance and non-skid property.

4.Newly-developed Liner Fabric
This Newly-developed Liner Fabric is made by high tenacity PP multi-filament and special unique heavier PP mesh-filament. Its intensity,elasticity,and goffer free are twice better than former liner fabric. As the weft yarn is treated by aging resistance chemical,the fabric can stay much longer period,then postponed the using age.This newly-developed liner fabric has to be post-treated by high-heat formation, and this process can keep the fabric non-transform,non-shrinkage and excellent insulation when it is stretched and topping calender.Now,this fabric is considered as one of the best liner fabric in rubber industry in domestic and abroad.

5.PVA Liner Fabric
This product consists of short PVA fiber and natural cotton yarn,with the advantage of high elasticity, good hygroscopic performance and non-skid property.

6.High Tenacity PP Liner Fabric
This product consists of high tenacity polypropylene multi-filament,with the advantages of light weight,high tenacity,good abrasion-resistance ,smooth surface and low hygroscopic etc.