Dipped EP,EE,NN Fabric
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Dipped NN Fabric

Dipped NN Fabric

The Dipped NN Fabric is woven by nylon fabric both in warp and in weft. It is widely used in mining,metallurgical industry,architectural industry, and ports etc. Such as: coal, coke, cement, powder etc.   Dipped NN Fabric characteristic: 1.High tensile strength 2.High abrasion resistance, 3.Good fatigue……

Dipped EP Fabric

The Dipped EP Fabric is woven by HMLS polyester yarns in warp and Nylon6.6 yarns in weft. It is suitable fortransportation of middle and long distance; heavy load under a high speed.EP fabric is mainly used for conveyor belt ,   Dipped EP Fabric characteristic as below: 1.High tensi……


Dipped EE Fabric

EE Fabric is suitable for long distance conveying with high load,speed and impact ,especially for wet environment. EE Fabric characteristic as below: 1. High tensile strength 2. Good shock resistance 3. Good heat resistant 4.Low elongation and low shrinkage 5.Excellent adhesion   The specification of D……