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Rubber coated polyester tire cord fabric 1000D/3

Rubber coated tire cord fabric also called rubberized tire cord fabric,it can be used in different fields, such as tires, rubber hose, pneumatic marine fender , and the other rubber products.    

Rubberized tire cord fabric is used the high quality fabric calendered by natural rubber, with the characteristics of high tensile strength, black and bright color , smooth surface, stronger adhesion, and longer service time.
There are different thickness of rubberized tire cord fabrics produced by our factory. If you have special requirements, please tell us what products you make, the detailed specifications and the thickness . We can also produce according to your requirements.
Rubberized tyre cord fabric  is semi-product of tires, and also can be used to produce rubber hose, tire . Natural rubber calendered  fabric is suitable for various rubber products and plays the role of skeleton support.
The regular width is 2250px-3625px, can be producted by the costomer's requirement.
The regular thickness is 1.1mm, also can be producted by the customer's requirement.
1.high tensile strength
2.black and bright color
3.smooth surface
4.stronger adhesion
5.longer service time
Widely used in tire, rubber hose, sole, sand pipe, rubber joint, triangle belt and other rubber products; And also used in oil field pipeline, valve pipeline, Marine pipe fittings, large-caliber oil pipeline, etc.
Nylon 6: 930dtex/2, 1400dtex/2, 1870dtex/2, 2100dtex/2, 1400dtex/3 etc.
Polyester: 1100dex/2, 1100dex/3, 1440dtex/2, 1440dtex/3, 1670dtex/2, 1670dtex/3, 2200dtex/2, 2200dtex/3 etc.
Note: The above are general technical specifications, which can be adjusted according to customer’ requirements.    

NO.ITEMSUNITE1000D/2 (1100dtex/2)1300D/2 (1440dtex/2)1000D/3 (1100dtex/3)1500D/2 (1670dtex/2)2000D/2 (2200dtex/2)1300D/3 (1440dtex/3)1500D/3 (1670dtex/3)
1Breaking Stength (min) N/end140180205205270260305
2Elongation at 44.1N%4.5+1.0------
Elongation at 58.0N%-4.5+1.0-----
Elongation at 66.6N%--4.5+1.04.5+1.0---
Elongation at 88.2N%----4.5+1.04.5+1.0-
Elongation at 100N%------4.5+1.0
4Breaking strength difference(max)%4444444
5Breaking elongation difference(max)%5555555
6Dip pick up%3.5+13.5+13.5+13.5+13.5+13.5+13.5+1
7Breaking elongation (min)%14141414141414
9Pingle twist(Z)T/10cm45+1.540+1.537+1.537+1.533+1.533+1.530+1.5
Ply twist(S)T/10cm45+1.540+1.537+1.537+1.533+1.533+1.530+1.5
10Hot air shrinkage 177℃×2minx0.05CN/dtex(max)%2222222
11Elongation @ Breaking of weft yarn (Min)%120120120120120120120

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