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Dipped Polyester tire cord fabric for tire and hose 2000D2

Tire cord fabric is the high quality skeleton material of various rubber products which take the important role that insures shape and bears load.    

Dipped polyester tire cord fabrics
Dipped polyester tire cord fabrics have the excellent characteristics of high strength, low elongation, high module and better dimensional stability etc. There are two types: Dipped STD Polyester Tire Cord Fabrics and Dipped HMLS Polyester Tire Cord Fabrics
Dipped STD Polyester Tire Cord Fabrics
High Strength, low elongation, better module and dimensional stability.Which was made from standard high strength polyester industrial filaments.
Dipped HMLS Polyester Tire Cord Fabrics
High module, low shrinkage etc. Which was made from HMLS polyester industrial filaments. Use this fabrics to produce radial tires can improve its fatigue resistance and heat dissipation, to improve its high speed performance and service life, have high oil saving rate, better control stability, ride comfort etc,. During the vulcanization process of radial tires, high temperature curing can be used, which avoid inflation process after vulcanization, reduce the equipment investment, and improve production efficiency.
Radial tires for car, light truck, rubber hose, V-belt and other rubber products.
1100dex/2, 1100dex/3, 1440dtex/2, 1440dtex/3, 1670dtex/2, 1670dtex/3, 2200dtex/2, 2200dtex/3 etc.
Note: The above are general technical specifications, which can be adjusted according to customer’ requirements.    

NO.ITEMSUNITE1000D/2 (1100dtex/2)1300D/2 (1440dtex/2)1000D/3 (1100dtex/3)1500D/2 (1670dtex/2)2000D/2 (2200dtex/2)1300D/3 (1440dtex/3)1500D/3 (1670dtex/3)
1Breaking Stength (min) N/end140180205205270260305
2Elongation at 44.1N%4.5+1.0------
Elongation at 58.0N%-4.5+1.0-----
Elongation at 66.6N%--4.5+1.04.5+1.0---
Elongation at 88.2N%----4.5+1.04.5+1.0-
Elongation at 100N%------4.5+1.0
4Breaking strength difference(max)%4444444
5Breaking elongation difference(max)%5555555
6Dip pick up%3.5+13.5+13.5+13.5+13.5+13.5+13.5+1
7Breaking elongation (min)%14141414141414
9Pingle twist(Z)T/10cm45+1.540+1.537+1.537+1.533+1.533+1.530+1.5
Ply twist(S)T/10cm45+1.540+1.537+1.537+1.533+1.533+1.530+1.5
10Hot air shrinkage 177℃×2minx0.05CN/dtex(max)%2222222
11Elongation @ Breaking of weft yarn (Min)%120120120120120120120

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