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Converyor Belting Fabric EP250

EE belting fabric is widely used in traditional rubber industry for its high strength, low load elongation, high radial roll curvature, dry heat shrinkage and high bonding strength.    

Belting fabrics widely used in different kinds of areas, can be made with various kinds of data, like NN, EE,EP fabric. Our company fabric use the high strength industrial yarn during weaving the whole fabric is more stable and stronger than general belting fabrics. The advanced weaving and dipping makes our products more competitive in market.
Our company is specialized in manufacturing all types of dipped canvas (EE/EP/NN etc.) which are commonly used in conveying of bulk materials and baggage in coal mines, foundries, sandpits, quarries, wood industry and steel industry.

EE Belting Fabric
EE Belting Fabric is made of 100% polyester, has the advantages of high strength, high modulus, good stability, low load elongation and heat-resisting.Therefore, EE fabric is especially suitable and widely used in traditional rubber industry for the production of medium-long distance, high load and high speed conveyor belts.

1. High tensile strength 
2. Good shock resistance
3. Good heat resistant 
4.Low elongation and low shrinkage 
5.Excellent adhesion  

EE80, EE100, EE150, EE175, EE200, EE250, EE300, EE400, EE500, EE600.... 
Note: We can provide all kinds of EE fabric according to customers’ requirements 
(different types/color/width/length/grades/etc.).     

Breaking forceN/cm≥1050≥450≥1250≥500≥1450≥600≥1850≥650≥2300≥750≥3300≥900≥3500≥900
Elongation at break%≥14.0≤45.0≥14.0≤45.0≥14.0≤45.0≥14.0≤45.0≥14.0≤45.0≥14.0≤45.0≥14.0≤45.0
Elongation at 10% load%≤2.0-≤2.0-≤2.0-≤2.0-≤2.0-≤2.0-≤2.0-
HAS(150C, 30 mins)%≤2.5≤1.0≤2.5≤1.0≤2.5≤1.0≤2.5≤1.0≤2.5≤1.0≤2.5≤1.0≤2.5≤1.0


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