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Brass Plated Steel Wire for Hose Reinforcement 0.3mm

Brass Plated Steel Wire for Hose Reinforcement, also called Rubber Hose Steel Wire, Brass Plated Steel Wire, Brass Coated Steel Wire, Copper Coated Steel Wire, Copper Plated Steel Wire. 
Is used as braided or spiral wrapped reinforcement for rubber and thermoplastic high pressure hoses.     

Rubber hose steel wire
Rubber hose steel wire is also called rubber hose reinforced steel wire, brass coated steel wire, is plated on the surface of the steel wire by electroplating method, copper coating composition of about 65%, about 35% zinc, the purpose is to increase the binding force of steel wire and rubber, used for high pressure rubber hose in the reinforcement material. 
higher tensile strength wires
large diameter wires and solutions to improve hose impulse life
increase hose flexibility
increase adhesion performance.
Is widely used in high pressure hose , coal mining machinery, engineering machinery, hydraulic machine, tanker, oil field drilling machine, Marine oil transportation system etc.
Our company can produce the diameter from 0.20mm to 0.80mm between ordinary strength, high strength and ultra-high strength hose steel wire, to meet the customer's different production technical requirements
Item: Copper Plated Hose Reinforcement wire
Nominal diameter:0.2 mm
normally size 0.2mm,0.25mm 0.3mm 0.35mm 0.4mm 0.5mm 0.6mm 0.65mm.... ,
Of course other size no problem.
Tensile strength:2150 Mpa/2450Mpa/2750Mpa/3050Mpa/3350Mpa
Material: high carbon steel grade 
Surface: brass coated    

ItemDia.(mm)Tolerance(mm)Tensile Strength (Mpa, N/mm2)Torsions (L=100d)Reverse Bends (r=2.5)
0.2mm0.2±0.0102150-2450(LT) 2450-2750(NT) 2750-3050(HT) 3050-3350(ST)70 70 65 60125 125 125 110
0.25mm0.25±0.0102150-2450(LT) 2450-2750(NT) 2750-3050(HT) 3050-3350(ST)70 70 65 60125 125 105 75
0.30mm0.3±0.0102150-2450(LT) 2450-2750(NT) 2750-3050(HT) 3050-3350(ST)65 60 60 50105 95 85 60
0.35mm0.35±0.0152150-2450(LT) 2450-2750(NT) 2750-3050(HT) 3050-3350(ST)65 60 60 5060 60 55 50
0.4mm0.4±0.0152150-2450(LT) 2450-2750(NT) 2750-3050(HT) 3050-3350(ST)60 60 50 5055 55 50 45
0.42mm0.42±0.0152150-2450(LT) 2450-2750(NT) 2750-3050(HT)60 60 5050 50 45
0.46mm0.46±0.0152150-2450(LT) 2450-2750(NT) 2750-3050(HT)60 60 5045 45 40
0.50mm0.5±0.0152150-2450(LT) 2450-2750(NT) 2750-3050(HT)60 60 5040 35 30

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