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Dipped Nylon tire cord fabric for tire and hose 1680D/1

The rubber coated tire cord fabric can be used in different fields, such as tires, rubber hose, pneumatic marine fender , and the other rubber products.    

Dipped nylon tire cord fabrics 
Dipped nylon tire cord fabrics is the rubber skeleton material have the excellent characteristics of high strength, better fatigue resistance, better impact resistance and less hysteresis loss etc.
There are two types: Dipped nylon 6 Tire Cord Fabrics and Dipped nylon 66 Tire Cord Fabrics.
High strength
better fatigue resistance
better impact resistance
less hysteresis loss
Dipped nylon tire cord fabrics can be used as the carcass and breaker of bias tire , the cap ply of radial tire, It is especially for large and medium-sized truck tires, earth-mover tires, aircraft tires, off-road tires and other tires with harsh conditions of use.  
930dtex/2, 1400dtex/2, 1870dtex/2, 2100dtex/2, 1400dtex/3 etc.
Note: The above are general technical specifications, which can be adjusted according to customer’ requirements.    

No.ItemUnit1870dtex/2 (1680D/2)1400dtex/2 (1260D/2)930dtex/2 (840D/2)2100dtex/2 (1890d/2)1170dtex/1 (1050D/1)700dtex/1 (630D/1)1870dtex/1  (1680D/1)1400dtex/1 (1260D/1)930dtex/1 (840D/1)
1Breaking strength (min)N/end279.3215.6137.2313.6905013710770
2Elongation at  88.2N%9.5±0.5--9.5±0.5--8.0±0.8--
Elongation at 66.6N%-9.5±0.5--8.0±0.8--7.0±0.8-
Elongation at  44.1N%--9.5±0.5--7.5±0.8--7.5±0.8
3Adhesive strength (min)N/cm166.6147117.6176.46543836954
4Breaking strength difference (max)%
5Breaking elongation difference (max)
6Dip pick up 4.5±1.04.5±1.04.5±1.04.5±1.004.2±0.84.2±1.004.2±1.004.2±1.004.2±1.00
7Breaking elongation difference (max)%23.0±2.023.0±2.022.0±2.023±2.020.0±2.019.0±2.020.0±2.020.0±2.020.0±2.0
9Primary twist(Z)T/10cm32±1537±1546±1532±15TPM/m: 20±15TPM/m: 26±1516±1019±1021±15
Second twist(S)32±1537±1546±1532±15
10Heat shrinkage (max)%66644.54444
11Moisture (max)%11110.

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